Towel Scrunchie | Aqua

Designer: Flirty Pineapple

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Our towel scrunchie is the simple, fast and effective way to dry your hair without harming your hair or creating frizz! Plus this aqua blue hexagon material adds the perfect texture and colour to any hairstyle! 

Key Highlights:⁠

  • Gentle on your hair - towel scrunchies reduce friction and breakage
  • Softer hair - made from microfiber material which helps keep the natural moisture in your hair and prevents your hair from drying out
  • Get ready quicker - cut your hair drying time in half and use less heat on your hair

The best part?! Wear them on your wrists to prevent water from running down your arms when you're washing your face! 

Proudly sourced and made in Canada.

One Size: Towel